*Welcome to my "Mind, Body, & Soul Diet" designed
especially for those who believe they deserve
more in all areas in their lives,
which is YOU!*

My Mind, Body & Soul Diet is a Complete Transformational Guide
to Health, Healing and Happiness!

Kim. Mom of 2 & Massage Therapist, Ontario
I have just completed the 4 week Mind Body Soul diet with Jennifer Nicole Lee. I can't believe how much fun I have had during this transformation and how much I am enjoying the process and my life, right now! I have lost over 10 pounds. But while that's great, let me explain that this has been no sacrifice. I am eating and working out very much in a sustainable manner. I've not gone overboard or gone crazy. I've enjoyed my cheat meals once a week but have not been "perfect" the rest of the time. I do remind myself when thinking about food that I do not want to put an unclean thing into my body, my temple. I find that I want to eat things that are nutritious and I feel a high respect for my body. I have of course enjoyed the one on one phone calls with JNL and this gave me plenty of opportunities to ask specific questions and get specific advice for my situation.Additionally I very much enjoyed the seminars which I'm putting on my ipod so I may listen and continue to be inspired and motivated long after this diet is over. One of my favorite new habits is my very own spa night. I fill my bathtub with hot water and add epsom salts & bubble bath, then I light scented candles, pour a glass of red wine, open a 100 calorie dark chocolate bar, set my ipod to nice slow relaxing music that I love, and slip into the tub with a great book. I can't tell you how much this revitalizes me and gives me time to reflect and find immense gratitude for my life. Thank you JNL for this great diet. I am so very glad I took this step and I am so grateful for exactly where I am, what I have learned, and where I am I going next.

Mariska, Wife, Mom and Spa Owner
Love Jen! She got straight into the matters that needed to be dealt with in order to progress in all areas of my life.Extremely motivational and supportive and giving of herself, truly the best way to start off my New Year!

Jennifer, California

The New Year Evolution Diet was incredible way to start the year. We spent one week each focusing on the Mind, Body and Soul. I learned the importance of focus and clarity in achieving my goals. All of the steps of the diet are essential for achieving your desired results. I never knew how important my mental and emotional states of mind were for achieving physical success. I started the diet at 127lbs and after 4 weeks of a new and improved lifestyle I weigh 120lbs. Even though the 4 weeks has come to an end I plan on continuing with the diet for the entire year.

Many of you have asked about my BOOK! Yes, my "The Mind, Body & Soul Diet: Your Complete Transformational Guide to Health, Healing & Happiness" officially launches 01-01-2010.

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Actually, some key notable authors from The Secret are in love with my book! Best selling author Dr. Joe Vitale wrote the foreword, and Jack Canfield of the Chicken Soup of the Soul best selling series success actually took the time to read my book and endorse it! So now its your turn to see what the hottest diet in the fitness industry to date can do for you! Its not about trimming down, but its about a complete transformation!

Its soon to be a new year, for a new you, and not only that-BUT AN ENTIRE NEW DECADE! But again, you don't have to wait until January to get my book! You can get your hands on this remarkable life improving content right now! My book is a ZEN approach to losing weight, obtaining optimal health, healing yourself from baggage that does not serve you, and also how to create joy that nobody and nothing can steal from you.

If "The Secret" was a health and weight loss book, then this would be it! My entire book team have been swamped with deadlines, editing, writing, and then editing some more. And this January 2010, the "Big Bang" is going to HIT the fitness industry-as a new era will begin. Long past will be the archaic and outdated days of the one-dimensional approach to fitness. Being healthy, happy, healed, whole and balanced goes way way farther and deeper than the simple "calorie-in/calorie-out" mindset. In this book, I show you how to:

use the universal success principles to stop emotional eating for good

how to make your mind your best friend

make my favorite Super Foods meals that are chock full of anti-aging antioxidants

use my favorite BSN fitness supplements and even how I use them in my favorite recipes

enjoy my beauty rituals I have discovered from around the world

how to achieve true self mastery

gain stamina, energy, drive and direction in your life! 

BONUS: I also include a complete 2 weeks of recipes, with my all time must drink Lean Dessert Protein Shake recipes.

The research and discovery for my "Mind, Body & Soul Diet" book has been long in the works, and is actually based on a wildly successful online coaching program that my team and I hosted this past January. And now this January 2010, my team and I have compiled this online coaching program, into a hard copy book that will be available through all major online and offline bookstores and department stores.

So if you are stuck in a rut, and need a motivational kick in the butt, you are gonna love my new book out this January 2010. BUT AGAIN! You don't have to wait until January! Start your transformation today!